Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make it So!

At long last the copies have arrived! Make it So is now officially ready to be beamed* to your mailbox!

Make it So was published by Prime Directive Press and includes poetry by Margaret Bashaar, J. Bradley, Jessica Dyer, Angele Ellis, Kathleen Kirk, Robby Nadler, Phoebe North, James Radcliff, Sarah Reck, Brooke Robison, Jenny Rossi, Nicholas Samaras, Shappy Seasholtz, and Susan Slaviero, and features cover art by Wayne Wise.

Copies are priced in such a way that I am not making any money at all, in part to avoid being sued.**

*Presuming USPS has beaming technology. I mean, they do, right?

** No, really. Please don't sue me.

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I discovered this while excitedly wasting a work day looking for ideas for my upcoming CAPTAIN PICARD DAY PARTY next Saturday. I'd love to order this as a prize for the Captain Picard Day contest! If I order it today, could I have it by next Saturday? Even if I can't have it by next Saturday I'll get one for myself, but I'll get multiple copies if I can!